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2017-2021 [ongoing]
1080 x 1080 pixel
Digital files and Fine art print on paper

Strangers' Dreams is a series of photographs initially published on instagram. Challenging the internet's aleatory fleetingness and incessant flux of images, it uses the application's visual structure to pause, reedit images and compose a cinematic experience. The grid, a sort of vertical film strip, allows viewers to read between the lines and to explore the before and after in a row, column or diagonal, establishing relationships between a variety of scenes. Peculiar, fragmented freeze-frames, often depicting inner voids and stillness, thus create a stream of consciousness that alludes to filmic projection. Recurrent motives such as the artist's solitary musings in hotel rooms, signs, signals, vehicles, trees and other natural formations, form the storyline of an emblematic visual journey in which Kaplan's suggestive narration invites strangers to project and superimpose their own desires with hers.

Read more about Strangers' Dreams in Sissi's conversation with Usha Das in 'Sissi Kaplan: In Glorious Technicolour', published on 21 July 2020 on Plural Art Mag's website.